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[COPY]FXgroup – 2017-03-07 21:38:13

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Lessons from Ray Higdon

I recently attended the MLM Millionaire Mentoring event in Manchester with Ray Higdon and made a ton of notes.

One of my things is to share knowledge so for those of you that just want it raw I go through my notes here to give you the golden nuggets.  Check below for a free gift too.


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The Art Of The Follow Up In Network Marketing

Did you know that many people NEVER follow up in business – whether its online  / network marketing or traditional sales.

Here are some scary facts for you – be sure to read to the end of the stats!!!!


OK – so now you know how vitally important it is to follow up you need to start doing it (many of you reading this just realised why you aren’t making as many sales as you want!)

If you would like to see a video which was an exclusive team training showing how to follow up with people in a no threatening way  – rejection free too – then share this post to get access.

After you have watch the video why not check out want we do to help out team in the Shadow Commission Project?  Get back the person who sent you this post or CLICK HERE



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Convert Your Facebook Fans Into Paying Customers And Leads

Multi-ethnic casual people holding the tabletFacebook is one of the most visited website in the world, with over one billion users and it is still growing.

Facebook is a very valuable tool because it can help you reach all the people who matter most to your business and who are interested in the products and services that you provide. Your customers are there waiting for you.

Based on Facebook’s own recommendations we have provided a quick guide showing you how to use Facebook to help your business grow and give you an advantage over your competitors.

Getting Started

The first thing that you need to do is set up your Facebook page. Facebook make it easy with step-by-step instructions.

There are lots of advantages of having a Facebook Page. It makes your business:

Discoverable: When people search for you on Facebook, they’ll be able to find you.

Connected: Have one-on-one conversations with your customers, who can like your Page, read your posts and share them with friends, and check in when they visit.

Timely: Your Page can help you reach large groups of people frequently, with messages tailored to their needs and interests.

Insightful: Analytics on your Page will give you a deeper understanding of your customers and your marketing activities.

When you set up your Page, you can request a web address like, which makes it easy to find.

To maximise the impact, include this address on your business card, website and all of your other marketing and promotional materials.

Remember: your Facebook Page is an extension of your business. It’s an easy way to share updates and more with the people who matter most. It’s ready to help you engage your customers on desktop and on mobile.


Identify Your Audience

The next thing you want to do is identify your audience. You can do this by thinking about the people you’d like to meet, and introduce yourself and your business to. Try to create a persona of your ideal customer.

Not only can you reach more people through Facebook, you can reach the specific people who are most likely to become your customers.

To help you connect to the right people, think about:

  • What do your ideal customers have in common?
  • How old are they, and where do they live?
  • How can your business help them?

To build your audience, encourage your current customers and supporters to ‘like’ your Facebook page. They are the people most likely to see your posts in their News Feed. Also explore the options under the ‘Build Audience’ button:

Invite your friends and family. Let the people in your life know about your Page so they can support you and your business by liking it. Although you won’t be relying on them for custom, this initial audience helps you establish credibility and popularity and will help spread the word right away.

You will also want to invite your businesses contacts. Upload a list to send people an email so they know about your new Page.

Remember to keep in mind that it’s not about the number of likes your page has. It’s more important to genuinely connect with the people you engage with on Facebook. If you do, they’ll help tell your story and be a loyal advocate of your business.

Make Your Mark

Make your business come alive on Facebook with compelling and engaging content.

As you post updates, photos and more, think about what your customers find interesting and inspiring. What do you want to consistently communicate about your business?

It will take a while to ‘find your voice’ on Facebook so experiment with different kinds of posts. Does your audience love photos or prefer when you share useful links? You’ll find out quickly what they like. You don’t have to guess because Facebook have a very useful tool called Page Insights, which allows you to see which posts are performing the best.

Tips when posting on your Page:

  • Be real: Share what you are genuinely excited about and your customers will be excited too.
  • Be responsive: When people comment on your posts, show that your business is listening and that you care by replying. If you need more time to answer a question, let them know you’re looking into it and haven’t forgotten about them or not bothered.
  • Be consistent: The more frequently and consistently you post, the more opportunity you have for connecting with people and building trust. Setting a schedule for your posts can also help, particularly if you are sharing the Facebook posts between yourself and members of staff.
  • Do what works: Replicate your success on posts that get more engagement. If it works, don’t stop.
  • Make successful posts into successful promotions: When you notice that a particular post is getting a lot of engagement, promote it to reach even more people. When people like, comment on or share your posts, their friends are also eligible to see those posts in News Feed. It will spread the word even wider and make people more aware of your brand.


Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is the perfect way to reach more of the people who matter most to you.

Once you’ve started connecting with your customers on Facebook and have got the hang of it, you’ll want to find other people who are likely to be interested in your product or service. You can use Facebook ads to send targeted messages to the right people, just when they’re most open to discovering your business.

You don’t even need to have a big budget and you are in total control. You set your advertising limit. There are no nasty surprises or bills.

Creating Ads are easy. You simply create an ad right from the admin panel of your Page to engage more people, or you can use the ad create tool.

Be specific about the audiences for different ads. You can create sets of ads to connect with different target audiences. People are more likely to respond to a message crafted just for them. Feel free to contact us for advice on how to use Facebook ads effectively.

Measure Your Results

measure and adjust your facebook ads

It is important to find out what’s working well, so you can maximize the impact of every post and ad. After all, this is not a hobby and every second counts, so you want to make sure that your efforts are worthwhile.

Facebook has a lot of different tools to help you measure how you’re doing.

  • Visit Page Insights regularly and look for trends so you can develop more of the best-performing content and engage with your followers.
  • Use Page Insights to understand who responds to your messages. Make sure to look at the gender, age and location of the people who are the most engaged with your business so you can continue to engage them through targeted ads and promoted posts. It is a very useful tool that will help you to get the right message across to the right people.
  • It is worth experimenting and split testing. When you create your ads, try out different images and headlines to see what works. Facebook will automatically optimize your campaign so that more of your budget goes to the ad that’s performing the best.

Now that you have your fans and followers you want to convert them into customers. How do you do that?

Turn Clicks Into Customers

When people click through to your website from Facebook, you want them to become loyal customers. Here are some steps to make sure you’re engaging all of the people who matter most to your business.

Again, compelling content is vitally important. You need to have content that engages them and excites them.  Post pictures of your products and encourage your followers to visit your site.

Focus on posting about your products or services, and link directly to your site.

An engaging image is one of the main things people respond to in an ad. So with that in mind, collect pictures of your products that you can use for advertising. Test multiple images to learn which ones work the best.

Another excellent idea is to bring the people behind your website to life. Introduce your staff members. Show pictures of them at work. It makes you, your staff and your business real. When visitors feel connected, they are more likely to choose your online business over others.

Remember to make sure that your posts are linked to the right pages on your website. There are few things more frustrating online to be clicking on a link for more information about a particular product or service and it takes you to something else entirely.

Get The Word Out

When people feel connected to your business, they’re more likely to choose your product or service.

So let people know who you are, what you offer and what makes you and your business different.

Your Page is your opportunity to introduce your business on Facebook. It’s the first place people on Facebook will discover you, and it’s where you’ll connect with your most engaged customers.

With that in mind, you need to make sure your Page has all the information people need to understand your business. Edit your short description in the About section. Add at least one, and up to three, Page categories so your business will appear in the appropriate search results. It helps more people to find you.

Don’t forget to include your website URL, street address, phone number and business hours. Pick a cover photo to showcase your environment or products in the best light, and add a clearly legible logo as your profile picture.

Regularly upload photos and videos that bring your business to life. As we mentioned earlier, these can be product photos or even photos of your establishment and the people who work there.

If you want people to talk about your business and spread the word, you need to make a lasting impression by sharing photos, videos and anything else that you think is relevant to your business.

Publishing great content is about creating posts that strongly represent your business. When people like, comment on and share your posts, their friends may also see your Page content in News Feed. It all goes towards spreading the word and getting your business noticed.

A very good tip is to map out the major events and promotions you have coming up over the year so that you can plan your Page posts in advance.

Make it a habit to develop a library of great images and videos that you can use for posting over the months. Don’t be afraid to share photos or videos you’ve taken of an event, product or service. The more images you share the more visitors will connect with you and want to share your content.

Word will also spread when visitors know you are passionate about your business and genuinely care for your customers. You can show this by responding when people comment on your posts.

Don’t assume that your customers know about your Facebook page. Tell them and remind them so you can continue to reach them with your posts even after you make the initial sale.

If you have a bricks and mortar business put a sign on your door or business counter with your Facebook web address.

You can also encourage people to like your Page through other mediums such as your email newsletter, in your adverts and on your website.


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Using Facebook To Grow Your List

There are so many great reasons to use Facebook as part of your business. You always hear that as a business owner you should hang out online where your customers hang out. That generally means Facebook these days. Facebook is a true juggernaut in the online world- it’s become an important part of people’s everyday lives, all around the world.

Unfortunately, businesses often use Facebook in the wrong way. Some people get on Facebook and just spam their links and expect to make a lot of money and grow their business that way. That doesn’t work at all.

Instead, what works is building real relationships with your customers on Facebook. You should be sharing things people really care about, showcasing your expertise as an authority in your niche, and having an overall social media marketing strategy to build your list.

Let’s talk about each of these pieces of using Facebook to build your list, in turn.

Of course, the first thing you have to do is start to develop a following on Facebook. It’s important to investigate what other businesses are already doing to successfully build their list on Facebook.

Search for keywords and related terms using the Facebook search bar to find relevant Facebook pages and relevant Facebook groups. Like and join the obviously successful groups and pages so you can start to immerse yourself in this niche.

What you’re going to do is use what works in your niche for the people of your niche.

Next, decide if you’re going to focus your attention on a Facebook page or a Facebook group. You can do both, but if you’re just starting out with this, then it makes sense to choose just one so you can put more energy into it. Just a note, you can be successful with either option, honestly.

shadow commission project coaching

Building Real Relationships on Facebook

If you want people to join your list, then you have to focus on what people want.

They want great information and they want to feel like someone cares about what they’re going through.

They want to be entertained, informed, and enlightened.

They want from you what they can’t get from anyone else.

How do you stand out in your niche? What is your role in the lives of these people?

Figure this out and you can start to build relationships in a way that will make people want to join your list.

Be helpful, be active, and be consistent on Facebook.

Share Things People Really Care About

You want to be seen as someone who always knows what’s going on in your niche. You want to share breaking news, new ideas, thought provoking questions, and more.

What do the people of your niche need and want to know? Create a page or a group on Facebook that they check in with every day out of habit— something that’s an everyday part of their lives.

Be An Authority

You’re a business owner who wants to be seen as an authority. People probably won’t join your list if they think they know just as much as you do or if you have the exact same cookie cutter perspective as other people.

How do you stand out? How do you help people? How do you share information no one else is sharing, or share it in a new way?

Make sure you’re working hard to be an expert in your niche and to present yourself as an expert in your niche. You’re an authority, so make sure it shows.

Post things that are helpful. You can link people to your blog or website where you share additional helpful information. In fact, it’s a great idea to get people used to visiting your links because sometimes you’ll want to share a link that has a list-building goal attached to it.

Have a Solid Marketing Strategy Behind You

You’re developing relationships with people and sharing great information because you truly do want to help. It’s important to you to be helpful and really make an impact.

It’s also important to you to grow your list so you can make more money and be more successful in business.

That’s why you have to have a solid marketing strategy behind you.

You’re running a Facebook page or a Facebook group… now what? What do you intend to do with that group?

It’s great to have a successful page or group, by the way, but you never know if Facebook will be around in 10 years or if your group will be closed down without notice. Your goal, with everything you do on Facebook and on social media, should be to drive people to your list. Your list is something you own and control and that can’t be taken away from you.

Facebook and social media platforms are tools. That’s it. They are a means to an end— the end being that you grow your list and turn your business into something that’s booming.

As part of your marketing strategy, take the data that you now know about the people who like your Facebook page or group. Figure out what their most asked questions are and what they’re willing to pay for.

Think about the hottest selling products in your niche— the products these people go crazy for.

Then, think of a way you can give them what they want, completely for free.

You’re going to come up with a freebie product that you give away for free to these people. You’re going to create that freebie and advertise it for free on the page or group you’ve started to make successful.

The absolute only catch is that they have to enter their email address into an opt-in form to receive that freebie. That’s it!

You are going to put that freebie behind an opt-in form, which people will happily use so they can get the product they would otherwise pay for.

At this point, your audience really admires you and you have a strong following. Surely they’ll take a look at your link where you’ve posted about your freebie on Facebook and sign up.

You’re not some random person shoving a link in their face— you’re someone they know, like, and trust.

You’re not even trying to sell them something! You’re giving them something totally for free.

That’s incredible. And now you’ll have targeted people on your list who will read your emails and feel grateful because you’ve given them a free gift as well as the great information you share on your Facebook page or group all the time.

Getting More Traffic To Facebook and To Your List

How do you get traffic to your Facebook page or group, and then to your list?

Let’s start with getting traffic via Facebook, first.

Take a look at those really popular groups and pages again. What are they called? You might see some common threads among some of the most successful.

Try to use popular keywords in the title of your page or group. Also, think about a phrase you could use that will entice people to click. You want to show up in Facebook and Google searches.

You probably don’t want to just name the page or group “My Business Name,” because people won’t know your business name at this point and aren’t likely to click that “like” or “join” button.

Create something catchy. Comment on other pages as your page. Invite people to your page or group.

Let your current social channels know about your new page or group.

You can pay for ads to get more likes. Facebook ads are fantastic, generally affordable, and really convert.

Do what you can to grow your traffic on Facebook. That’s when you can build relationships, share great information, and more.

And once you do that, you can start sharing the link to your freebie offer. Facebook will become one of your best methods for generating traffic to your opt-in form.

Creating Different Offers Over Time

You’ll get new likes and new members all the time. And there are probably different sub-niches within your main niche.

That’s why you’ll probably want to come out with different freebie offers over time. That’s a great thing! You’ll attract different sections of your overall target market.

The bigger your group or page grows, the bigger your list can grow.

Give things away for free, using Facebook as a traffic generation tool, and you can do very well.

Build a great list and you can do very well in business in general. Facebook is one of the best tools you can use for this.

Be Sure to Target Your Ideal Prospect

Here is a great resource that runs through how you can do this easily and is ideal for Facebook – click the video to see

prospect pic

Using Facebook to Build YOUR List

Facebook is a very powerful marketing tool and can extremely effective for your business.

We have helped many businesses just like yours to use Facebook wisely, resulting in lots of sales and clients that they would never have found otherwise.

Why not contact us today and see how we can use our vast experience to build your online business.

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